At AIM Chimney Sweep & Stove Shop, we have been serving our clientele with peace of mind since 1977.
With 40 + years in the Chimney Sweep & Hearth Care Business, we have what it takes to serve our clients with knowledge, expertise and care.

Our team is made up of Individually WETT Certified Road and Office Professionals who are informed & safety conscious, with your home in mind.

Along with regular Chimney Sweeping Services, we Perform Code Compliance Inspections and Evaluations of your wood heating appliance and chimney systems to ensure proper installation practices have been met. Our Team follows Manufacturers Written Instructions/Specifications and CSA Standards and Ontario Building and Fire Codes for our Installations and Code Compliance WETT Reports.

We are dedicated to Continuing our Education in the Wood-Heat Trade so as to Educate our Clients on Properer Technics and Methods of Burning.



WETT Certified as:

Solid Fuel Space Heating Technician, Chimney Sweep, Installer,
Comprehensive SITE Inspector 

Skilled in not only Routine Maintenance but in Code Compliant Installations
and Reparations to your heating systems
Our Chief Trouble-Shooter


WETT Certified as:

Solid Fuel Space Heating Advisor, Chimney Sweep,
Comprehensive SITE Inspector 

She is in the office daily to help answer your Wood-Heating questions 
Yvette works as our in office Technical Advisor but also is our Spare On-Road Tech
Yvette IS your Chimney Chick

SHANNAH McGUIRE-AUBE – past Employee of Merit 

WETT Certified as:

 Solid Fuel Space Heating Advisor, Chimney Sweep, Installer, Basic Inspector

Shannah’s Professionalism and dedication to Client Care
and Trouble Shooting
has her now employed at SBI, one of our Main Suppliers
We wish her well in this change over 

JARED    AUBE  – Crew Chief

WETT  Certified as:

Current Status is a Certified Technician Chimney Sweep with his
Successful Completion of Phases 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 and 5
which he passed with quite respectable grades.

Jared is working in Lead Truck as our Team Leader.
He runs his truck with his brother Carter.
The clients love that team!!

The Newest Certified Member of Team Aube
Carter was honoured by being awarded the SBI Bursary to help him
Complete his WETT Training.
He  has achieved his Certification levels.
As a Chimney sweep, Advisor, Installer and Basic Inspector
He works in tandem with brother Jared on our main sweep team.


The Newest Team Member 
Sam has been with us since the fall of 2023 and has
taken his first WETT Course and passed with ease.
He works in tandem with our team and is learning the ropes
while he awaits further Courses to be made available



During the course of the year, our staff attends many Training Seminars and Sessions throughout Canada and the United States. This dedication to the advancement of our knowledge in our chosen field reflects through our products and services. It also shows our clientele the level of commitment we have to the continuing education and knowledge we feel is vital in serving you to the best of our capabilities. This way we can bring to you, the best of new technologies, methods and service to make your Burning Experience a pleasant one.

In 2006 /2017 /2019 
        Vince and Yvette visited Italy to attend the Spazzicamino [Chimney Sweep] Festival and represent the Canadian Sweeps
They  Attended this Annual Festival of International Sweeps to bring greetings from the Canadians and exchange information.
                                    They were the FIRST Canadians to have ever attended this festival. This was in 2006!
They were warmly welcomed, went on Parade and forged International Friendships with many sweeps from all over the
European Continent and beyond. What a great way to gain knowledge from all over the world in our Trade

AIM's Contributions to the Trade (including but not limited to):

                                                                               "A Good Sweep'll Do That"

                                   Trade Memberships

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc) www.wettinc.ca

  • Vince  has been a Certified member since 1989, past Board Member 
  • Yvette has been a Certified member since 1993, currently sits on the Communications Committee
  • Shannah has been a Certified Member since 2008
  • Jared  has been a Certified Member since 2017
  • Carter has been a Certified Member since 2020
  • Sam is currently working his way up the ladder

National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) www.ncsg.org

  • Members since 1992
  • Vince & Yvette are currently the Canadian Liaisons to the National Chimney Sweep Guild 

Hearth Products Central Chapter.  http://www.hpbacanada.org/

  • Yvette served 2 Terms on the Board and working with the Planning Committee for Symposium & Training Conventions


Local Memberships and Affiliations

Southern Georgian Bay Chamber of Commerce.  http://www.southerngeorgianbay.ca/

Members of this Southern Georgian Bay Chamber since moving from Durham Region to Simcoe County in 1994. Visit us on the link from our LINKS page to learn more about this beautiful cottage region of Ontario Great family fun. Live theatre, skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, boating, camping. and MORE!!! Come visit our town for year-round fun!!! 


  Midland Penetanguishene Builders Assoc www.mpdbuilders.com

Past President and Current Board Member of this local Association of Caring Contractors and Related Trades who are..

.                                             Building a Better Place to Be in Simcoe County
 Partially Metis Run Company


 Past History..

Northeast Regional All Fuel Expo & Chimney Sweep Convention Committee (NERAFE) And
                                                     National Chimney Sweep Guild Conventions (NCSG)

  • Vince & Yvette were on the planning committee of the NERAFE for over 10 years and continue to aid in Chimney Sweep Training and Knowledge at Convention and continue to this day with the NCSG Annual Events
  • Yvette was Co-Chair of the  NERAFE 1999 Show in Niagara Falls, Ontario. 

Ontario Chimney Sweeps Association (OCSA) - The Chimney Safety Association of Canada (CSAC)

  • Members since 1990          The Association has since Ceased[2015]
  • Vincent  sat on the OCSA Board of Directors for 7 years and was previously the Treasurer for 6 years. 
  • Yvette    sat as the OCSA Secretary for 6 years and founded the quarterly OCSA newsletter & regularly contributes to the new CSAC Newsletter.  She was the 2004 thru 2008 President of the Association. 

Assoc. of Registered Wood Energy Technicians of Ontario (ARWETO)

  • Members since 1990
  • Yvette sat on the Board of Governors for two terms of office before ARWETO was absorbed into WETT Inc's main office, which is based in Ontario